• Hammad Nasir

Why BlockPay or a similar platform is going to exist in the future?

BlockPay may still be in the ideation phase yet, but there's one thing I can say with 99.99% surety that a platform like it would be in mainstream use in the next 5-10 years. Why am I so sure? Because BlockPay is aimed at solving a major problem that stalls the mass adoption of cryptos & NFTs, i.e., the complex & difficult user experience.

As you can see in the image above. UX is one of the biggest limitations of Web3 as of now. Not everyone is well-acquainted with the concept of wallet, wallet addresses, public/private keys, etc. Not everyone knows how to send cryptos & NFTs to others' wallet addresses.

BlockPay is trying to solve this issue by making crypto & NFT transfers easier. The way we are doing this is we are taking this concept of sending & receiving money using phone numbers with which a lot of people are already comfortable & we are integrating it with transfers of cryptos & NFTs.

This approach which people are already comfortable with will motivate them to give crypto & NFT transactions a try thus helping in the mass adoption. People will start using crypto for their day-to-day buying & merchants will start accepting crypto payments.

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